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Customer Experience Strategy

Customer Experience Strategy

Developing a deliberate and purposeful Customer Experience strategy will provide your organisation with a distinct customer offer and superior competitive position.

Cudos can help design your Customer Experience strategy, based on your customer's real needs and preferences. We can also support the implementation of your strategy across the organisation, ensuring you deliver consistent brand and customer experiences at every interaction.

Customer Experience Strategy

Voice Of Customer Programme Development

Engaging with customers to understand their needs, their point of view and what they think of your brand is essential to any organisation in today's multichannel, social world. If you don't listen to your customers, they will tell someone else that will.

Cudos can provide you with expertise in when to engage with customers, through which channels, what to ask them and how to use the insights to design an experience that distinguishes your brand from the crowd and that customers truly value.

Customer Experience Strategy

Customer Journey Mapping

Mapping the customer journey helps your organisation understand when and how customers interact with you, where they experience pain points and moments of delight and how you can optimise their experiences.

Cudos can map your customer journeys, identify improvement opportunities and develop business and transformation programmes to help you deliver the changes.

Customer Experience Strategy

Culture Change Programmes

To become truly customer-centric requires a very deliberate commitment to cultural change.

Organisational behaviours, performance measures and recruitment and training need to be aligned to the customer vision and proposition.

Cudos can help you define your customer promise, set appropriate business measures and targets and train your employees in consistently delivering an exceptional service.

Customer Experience Strategy

User Experience and Service Design

User-centred experiences ensure that customers get the outcome they seek without unnecessary effort. We've all abandoned an online purchase because the process is taking too long, or walked away from a shop because we can't find anyone to help.

Whether face-to-face, online, mobile or multi-channel, Cudos can help you design user and service experiences that minimise customer effort and maximise business efficiencies.

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Carla's programme has resulted in us building a detailed & new understanding of our customers, & plans for how to improve our customers' experience, that did not exist before —Clare Shuttlewood, Cambridge Assessment
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